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April Fools' Day- Fun Ideas

     April 1st is recognized as a day to play jokes on each other. Making the target of the joke or hoax the "fool". At one of my past jobs, coworkers would plan weeks in advance to ensure the success of the prank. For some, their goal was not only to trick their target but for bragging rights and revenge (from previous years pranks) as well.
     Some elaborate schemes would involve assistance from unsuspected individuals such as managers, spouses, and employees of different departments. While others would be small like switching sugar and salt in the office kitchen or changing a few letters on someone's keyboard. It was a fun day to be in the office, as long as you were not the targeted fool.
     One year I took a pregnancy test, on April 1st, and it was positive. I was so eager to share the news with my husband. That night he kept telling me about the April Fools' pranks what were carried out at work that day. Bursting at the seams, I waited until 12:01am to tell him. He still thought that I was joking, even after I showed him the test. That was not the reaction that I was expecting nor anything that I would joke about. He learned quickly about my pregnant mood swings.
This year I have been asked for assistance in helping trick my husband. Kids love Aprils Fools' Day and any reason to do something silly. They get a big laugh out of the littlest of things. Although I can't share what we are doing (incase my husband reads this), I am sure that we are going to great day. Here are a few fantastic April Fools' Day ideas that I have found on PinterestPlease share your favorite pranks or gags. Have fun!

10 Awesome April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

fools cafe surprise dinner tradition
april fools prank cards

joke on the water
Model Parent
printable alien birth certificate
Link to a few more April Fools Day Ideas:

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  1. Funny!!1 Better than being woke up with a fog horn.

    I wanted to ask everyone if they would share the Linky Follower party on facebook so we get lots of new followers--after all it benefits all of us.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  2. Cute ideas! Following from the Monthly Mingle.

  3. I like this post especially Model Parent.

    The greatest thing a FATHER can do to his children, is to love their mother.
    - Anjaneth Garcia Untalan

  4. LOL, I love the alien birth certificate as well as the cat litter cake! I think I'll try some of these next year!

  5. These are really cool ideas. We didn't do anything to the kids because we spent the night out of town and as soon as we got back on Sunday (04/01) we had to get ready for a birthday party.