Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Back To School Blast Event Sign Ups

Back To School Blast
Lets get ready to go back to school! 
The Back To School Blast Giveaway Hop is an event hosted by 

Whether your readers have a preschooler, a college student, a homeschooler, or anything in between, back to school gear will probably be needed. 
Let's help them out by bringing them a great Back To School Blast!
August 1st-14th
{Sign-Ups close on July 27th}

This event is free to join if you create a blog post with the event button and a link back to this post. 
{In lieu of writing a post, you can send a $5 PayPal payment to thisflourishinglife@gmail.com. Mark it as a "service" please.}

Prize Info:
Each blogger will run a giveaway on their blog with a prize or prize pack worth at least $25 geared toward Back To School items (geared towards any age).

Some ideas:
clothes and accessories
bags, lunch boxes
art supplies, notebooks
books, learning toys and games
computers, computer accessories
sports equipment
dorm room stuff

For more information about Back to School Blast Hop :HERE 
Sign-Up HERE for the Back To School Blast. Sign-Ups close on July 27th.

UPDATE: Enter the Giveaway Now

Please click here for a list of my current giveaways and blogger opportunities

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