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New For Halloween 2012 - Kids Realistic Batman Costume

Dark Knight Batman
Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume 

Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume Review

Superheroes and action figures are extremely popular among school age boys. Little “Bruce” has been invited to numerous superhero themed birthday parties, most requesting superhero attire or costume.

What is a mother to do? You find the most amazing costume you can without going broke. Wholesale Halloween Costume offers a vast assortment superhero costumes and accessories for both children and adults at low wholesale prices.

Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the Green Lantern are just some of the superhero costume choices for boys. Bruce chose the Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume to wear to a birthday party this summer.

This officially licensed Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume includes a jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece with attached cape and a belt. Everything you need comes in one bag!
Batman Child Costume
Batman ready to fight crime

About The Jumpsuit

·The black jumpsuit is made from 100% polyester decorated a with 100% polyurethane foam muscle chest piece.
· The back closes with 2 small pieces of Velcro which seem to come apart during active crime fighting. I plan on adding snaps, ties or buttons in the near future.
· The fabric on the jumpsuit’s arms and legs are covered with “detailing” to give the costume a more authentic look. It is done nicely within the fabric itself.
· The ends of the sleeves have the razor fringe so purchasing the Batman Gauntlet (gloves) is not necessary. Your child can wear plain back winter gloves if it is that cold trick or treating and it will look as if it is part of the costume.
· The chest and upper body are molded or padded for a realistic look, similar to the Batman movie costumes. Giving your child loads of muscles.
· The center of the chest piece contains a raised Batman logo. I'm disappointed that the logo on our costume seems sticky and “picks up” lint and crumbs.
· The boot tops have a strap under foot to keep the child from tripping.
· I recommend dressing your child in black clothes under this costume since this material is a little thin. Bruce will be wearing a black sweatsuit under his for Halloween.

batman kids Halloween costume

About The Headpiece and Cape

· The face of the headpiece is made from the same 100% polyurethane foam as the muscle chest piece. The shape and fit looks fantastic on a child’s face and it keeps its shape nicely.
· The back of the head, ears, and cape is made from 100% polyester like the jumpsuit.
· When you unpack the costume for the first time, the ears might not stand up. Just clip them to a child’s close hanger (pants) and hang them up for a few days.
· I was under the impression that the headpiece and cape were 2 separate pieces and could be worn apart from the product description and product contents list “a head piece, a black cape”. That is not the case.
· The Velcro under the chin that keeps the headpiece on easily becomes attached to the cape. When you separate the two, the cape’s fabric runs. After the 1st few wears around the house the cape started to look like old pantyhose. That was before any of the birthday parties.

Batman Muscle Chest Costume
image found on

My Opinion 

For a Halloween or for dress up, this Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Child Costume is really special. At the parties, most of the costumes were very similar, making the character's color the only real distinguishing factor. This Batman costume looks really authentic, not like pajamas like some of the others. It fit nicely and it had a little extra room to spare.

As soon as Bruce put on the Batman costume his persona transformed instantly. He immediately got into "character" punching and knocking things over in the house. He never wanted to take it off. Possibly because I had allowed Batman to destroy things that I Bruce would have gotten scolded for.

At the birthday parties, everyone wanted to touch his muscles. Especially the girls. They would ask "Batman, are your muscles really that big?" or "Why are your muscles so big Batman?" in cute little voices. Batman would coolly explain about how he has to keep the city safe. The car rides would always include a statement from Bruce saying how much he liked being Batman with a smile. Imagine what this costume does to the ego to an adult male who wears it.

Despite a few minor design flaws, recommend the Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume for any superhero, action figure, or comic book fan. My child has already gotten a lot of wear out of it and it isn't even October yet.

I am so glad that I found this costume at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They have a amazing selection of affordable costumes and accessories for the whole family. You do not have to settle for the Halloween costumes sold at big box stores and look like everyone else on Halloween. Check them out for yourself.  

What are you or your children dressing up as this year?

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