Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Love Going to the Movies for Free?

gofobo free movies
With the price of movie tickets so high verses the convenient economical Red Box and movies on demand, more date nights are spent staying in than going out.  Well today I found a website that might change my viewing preferences in these hard economic times. Gofobo! No I didn't just tell you to take a "hike". lol

What is gofobo?
Gofobo is an online community where movie fans can interact with the movies through advance movie screenings, promotions, contests, sweepstakes and special events.

21 jump street movieHow do I create an account?
Becoming a member of gofobo is free. There are two ways to join gofobo. To create an account, on their home page. You will need to enter your information and then confirm your e-mail. Once this is complete, you can search for passes to movie screenings, enter contests, post comments and interact with your fellow movie lovers.

The second way is by logging on through your Facebook account. Click on the 'Facebook Connect' icon at the top right side of the screen and follow the steps. Please note that to RSVP to a screening you will need to provide demographic information and a valid email address that can be used to reach you in case the screening changes
What is a movie screening?
There are two types of screenings, open and private. An open screening is one where the publicist in charge of the screening has decided to allocate a certain number of passes to the gofobo community that can be redeemed without an RSVP code. These passes can be released to the public at any time, so be sure to check back often.

Private screenings are ones that are only available to members who have an RSVP code from a promotional partner associated with that screening.

Does a pass guarantee my admittance?
No. Advance movie screenings are always overbooked to ensure the theater is full. Pass holders will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Members of the press (newspapers, radio, television stations, etc.) will often be seated first.

How do I find movie screenings in my area?
From the home page, select 'Screenings'. Enter your ZIP code into the search box, select your search radius, and select your preferred movie (you can leave this blank to search for all movies). This will then show you all the screenings in your area. If none are shown, try revising your search to a larger area. Screenings are added daily, so please check back frequently.

More questions located on their site faq
I signed up to see 21 Jump Street, printed my tickets, and registered for a giveaway . So far I am pretty excited about this site and will let you know my full review once I attend one movie via Gofobo.

Summary: "Gofobo is a new and exciting online experience designed to help you see movies first and win prizes fast. It also will allow you to build new relationships with other people who love movies, celebrities and fun. Gofobo will allow you not only to experience new movies, contests and live events, but also to share your comments, get information on your favorite movies or stars…and a whole lot more. Keep coming back to gofobo as we continue to grow, offering more movies and contests – and more experiences – for our gofobo members."

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