Friday, February 10, 2012

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Question Of The Day...???

What is the best advice you ever gotten?

What is the worst advice you ever gotten?


  1. Go to college.
    From my mother.
    Thankfully I heeded that at the right time.

  2. From my mother also - when you get married, don't stop talking to each other. Very good words!


  3. The best advice I've ever gotten: Don't listen to ANYONE'S advice. If you NEED advice, ask someone you trust. Otherwise, ignore everyone.

    Worst advice: When you get married, if you have to argue, argue naked.
    What the stupid?

    Visiting from Voiceboks.

  4. Thank you for letting me know about the post being hard to see and I fixed it thanks again

  5. My best advice came from my father. Your only as good as your word.
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  8. I'm not quite sure if this is the best or worst advice :), but I'll never forget what my Mom told me: You can tell how a man will treat you by the way he treats the women in his life. True, I guess...If he respects women, it's unlikely that he'll batter you as a wife.

  9. hi there. i love your blog, so great. the header is so cute. love the falling rose petals. best advice i ever got ... follow your heart. listen to GOD. i hopped on over thanks to the blog hop. i'm a new linky follower of yours. i hope you will be one of my new followers too. i'm enjoying all these new blogs. have a great weekend. (: