Monday, April 23, 2012

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Spiritillo - Italian Hand Knit Blanket Event April 23-May 7

     Are you tired of  labels staying "Made in China"? Are you looking for unique gifts or clothing for the children in your life? 
     Spiritillo Italian Hand Crafted Creations offers select handmade clothing for children, exclusively made in Italy with Italian thread. Owned by Miriam Brindisi, Spiritillo Italian Hand Crafted Creations is Proudly made in Italy. As a child, Miriam learned how to crochet and knit from her grandmothers and aunts, who in turn learned from their grandmothers and aunts. She now continues their age-old tradition.  Miriam uses cashmire, cotton, lisle and wool. Miriam's mission is to provide quality attire for children, using ancient techniques with a modern twist. Each piece is different from the other, no two are ever the same.
     Miriam's style is Italian, Even the yarns she uses are Italian. She can customize any order according to your specifications.
     One Winner will receive this beautiful blanket hand knitted by Miriam. It is white, cotton, using a purl technique which results in a texture that looks like rice kernels. Within the diamond shapes there are embroidered hazelnuts surrounded by flower petals.

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  1. What a fantastic give-away! New to your blog, would love a follow back at

  2. Love all things made in the USA! Thanks for highlighting a great product. We need more of it!