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Gourmet Gift Basket 5/20

      Hosted by Southern Stay-at-Home Momma
       I am definitely a snacker. I have an extremely bad habit of munching on anything that is laying around the house (that I don't have to cook, of course). While my taste buds love my constant munching, my waistline doesn't. I've been a snacker for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I would always sneak tasty snacks from the kitchen cabinets and enjoy them in my room. I mastered the ninja technique - I never got caught, and I had a secret spot for the wrappers. Haha. Anyway, naturally I grew into a bigger snacker and I've been unable to break the habit. 
        A few days ago, I began reviewing the Classic Snack Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets. While this hasn't at all helped my snacking and munching habit, it had some of the most delicious snacks I've had in a while. And, the ingredients in each of the snacks in this beautiful, assorted basket will not attach themselves to your waistline. In fact, most of the snacks are either gluten free or have organic ingredients. I know that those two "features" might not be important to everyone, but for those who look for either one of those on the label will definitely approve. :) When it came in the mail, I was extremely excited to look through everything. I was going to take a picture of the basket itself before I opened it, but my taste buds took over and I began munching before I realized that I forgot to take a picture of the basket. Everything was placed in the basket beautifully and it was carefully wrapped in plastic that was topped off (and closed off) with a colorful ribbon. 
Gourmet Gift Basket
Here are some of the treats that come in the Classic Snack Gift Basket. No, that's not all!

The Classic Snack Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets features the following delicious goodies:
  • Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods (6 oz.) - These yummy, salty pretzel sticks are fantastic for dipping!
  • Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip by Robert Rothschild Farm (7.8 oz.) - This pretzel dip is perfect for the Dipping Pretzels (listed above). Any honey mustard lover will love it, and it's even kosher and gluten free!
  • Key Lime White Chocolate Chip Cookies by Brent & Sam's (7 oz.) - If you like key lime pie, you'll love these cookies! They're made from scratch and are both tangy (but not too tangy) and sweet (but not too sweet)!
  • Almond Pecan-dy Crunch by Morley Candy Makers (9.25 oz.) - This is one of my favorites. It has delicious popcorn with crunchy and flavorful almonds and pecans.
  • Salted Peanuts in Box by Feridie's (7 oz.) - These are, hands down, the best peanuts I have ever tasted in my life. They are perfectly roasted and salted. Feridie's uses only the best of Virginia's peanuts, the top 2% of the crop each year.
  • Petite Cheese Biscuits by Salem Baking Co. (1.5 oz.) - I can grub on some cheddar cheese, so naturally I loved these. These are bite-sized biscuits that are baked with finely milled wheat flour and extra-sharp aged cheddar cheese. There's also a hint of toasted rice, cayenne, and paprika.
  • Metropolitan Trail Mix by (4 oz.) - This was another one of my favorites. This all-natural metropolitan mix features exotic fruit like papaya and pineapples as well as raisins, cranberries and bananas. It also has whole peanuts, almonds and pepitas.
  • Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company (10 oz.) - These are deliciously crunchy and taste almost (but incredibly better than) like peanut brittle. They're made with a bit of brown sugar and the freshest grade AA butter.
  • Peanut Roll by Dillon Candy Co. (3 oz.) - This was, yet another, one of my favorites. The center of this sweet snack is a fluffy nougat topped with a layer of caramel and lightly salted peanuts.
  • Coconut Bar by Oskri Organics (2.2 oz.) - This 100% organic bar is made with fresh coconut and rice syrup. I've never been a fan of coconut, but the couple of bites I had of this snack were surprisingly pleasant. My hubby gobbled down the rest. ;)
    Gourmet Gift Basket
    Pictured above are the Dipping Pretzels and the Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip 
    Gourmet Gift Basket
    You can tell from the box and the air-tight seal of the package that these peanuts are delicious -- they definitely handle them with care. And, they have an oxygen strip inside that keeps the air out!
     It was incredibly hard to choose a favorite. I, honestly, still can't decide on which snack is my absolute favorite. I've constantly been munching on the Dipping Pretzels and the Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip (together) as well as the Salted Peanuts.  
  • There's a little something for everyone in the Classic Snack Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets. I highly recommend this and any other gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets. You wouldn't be disappointed by the plethora of snacks you'll find. They make perfect gifts, too, whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or even "just because." The Classic Snack Gift Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets is sure to please no matter what the occasion! I already told my hubby that I'd like another gift basket for Mother's Day. LOL.
    One of Southern Stay-at-Home Momma's readers (or a reader of one of the blogs helping her promote this wonderful review and giveaway) will have a chance at winning one of these delectable gift baskets. Gourmet Gift Baskets is giving away a Classic Snack Gift Basket, which is valued at $60.00! You can enter via the rafflecopter form below!  Giveaway Ends May 20, 2012
a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I was not compensated for reviewing this product. Gourmet Gift Baskets graciously provided me with a Classic Snack Gift Basket so that I could write this review.
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