Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Memorial Day Pay Pal Event - May 16-24

Paypal giveaway

 have teamed up to offer you this Memorial Day $50 Event, (through paypal).
 Please make sure you stop by the sponsors and thank them for this great opportunity.

Giveaway runs May 16-24 2012

Update: Sorry, this giveaway has ended. Please click here for a list of my current giveaways.

Enter by sing rafflecopter form. 

Also be on the lookout for more great giveaways in the near future such as:
  •  the Father's Day Playstation Event
    • Sponsors sign ups still open
  •  the Summer Celebration  
    •  Sign ups for both bloggers (free) and sponsors   
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. If I win I will get some more supplies for my business!

  2. Spend it on summer clothes for my kids!

  3. If I were to win the giveaway, I would probably use the money to help get more stock for my scentsy business!

  4. If I won I would use it for my dogs cancer treatments

  5. I'd use it to Get baby sunglasses and sunhat for my grandson.

  6. I would save it for hubby's birthday present :)

  7. I would put the money towards a new printer. I have to go to the library every time I want to print something.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful giveaway with all of us~!

  8. Use it to buy a Father's Day gift for my husband and my dad.

  9. If I won I would most likely go to my current stray feline project. My town has countless strays and if they are fixed the city catchers wont take them to be put down @ the shelter. Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck all!

  10. I would save it towards something fun for my family to do this summer.