Monday, October 29, 2012

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Laugh This Halloween With Ecards

Hurricane Sandy Halloween
"I hope Hurricane Sandy helps you justify your normal Halloween routine of sitting on your ass eating stockpiles of candy."
Mischief Night
"If the economy doesn't improve, we may need to commit real crimes this Mischief Night."

Donald Trump Halloween
"This Halloween, may your Donald Trump wig look just as unrealistic as Donald Trump's"
thin costume
"I'm looking for a costume that makes me look thin."
Halloween fruit
"You strike me as one of those people who hands out fruit on Halloween."
too cool for halloween
"Wondering if you know whether we're too cool to dress up for Halloween."
Halloween stores
"The scariest part of Halloween is the people who work at Halloween stores."

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  1. Love the one about a costume that makes you look thinner!!

  2. I love someecards! I see them all the time on Facebook and they crack me up!

  3. Haha I love the first one - if this Halloween is like last year I'll get to eat all of the candy we bought for trick-or-treaters haha