Monday, October 29, 2012

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Spooky Halloween Statistics (infographic)

       As a child I remember warnings from my parents about poisoned Halloween candy and razor blades found in apples. My friends would sit at the lunch table and discuss a "stories" that they "heard", from their parents, about a friend of the family whose child died either from eating the poisoned candy or swallowing the razor blade that was hidden in the apple. All because they ate the candy before their parents thoroughly looked it over. One friend would always say "I don't know of one child who would eat an apple when they are holding a bag of candy." 

        Sometimes the full candy review would took days. Of course my parents picked out their favorite candy and threw away half of the rest. But as a child I was just happy to be allowed to eat candy. A few friends wouldn't even get to eat any candy. Their parents would take their trick or treat bag to work, either at a hospital or doctor's office, to get the candy x rayed for pins and razor blades.   

       While checking your child's Halloween is still a good idea, there are more scary things to worry about. Lead-based face paint, obesity, and diabetes are the real "dangers" this Halloween.

       What things are you worried about this Halloween?Spooky Halloween Statistics [infographic]

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