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Skillet Pumpkin Sauce - Father's Day BBQ Recipe

       The newest addition to the Skillet line is their Pumpkin Sauces. These condiments come in three flavors: Thai Coconut, Chipotle, and Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar. I was able to sample the Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce.
       Gourmet ketchup or BBQ sauce is how I would describe the Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce. It looks similar to BBQ sauce but not as deep in color. You can clearly see black pepper and other spices distributed throughout the thick condiment.
       I was very impressed with the flavor of the pumpkin sauce. My first thoughts were “Wow! This is a feisty ketchup.” as I tasted it right from the jar. The spices and the tomato flavors dominate your mouth first.  Then sweet pumpkin flavor shine through. There are multiple levels of flavors all in one condiment, it is very nicely done.
       I thought that the Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce would pair beautifully with pork. I found the below recipe on Skillet's website and it made my mouth water. Since I only had a sample size jar of the pumpkin sauce and I didn’t have all day to BBQ, I modified the recipe a little.
       I used thick pork chops instead of the baby back ribs. I coated them with the dry ingredients (spices) and let them sit for a few hours before putting them on the grill. When they were almost done I coated side with the Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce.
       The results: The pork chops were a big hit a dinner. My husband asked how I knew how to make BBQ sauce, he was very impressed. Now I know what I buy him and cook for Father’s Day.  The Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce is very flavorful and I look forward to trying it on other items.
       In addition to the Pumpkin Sauces, Skillet also makes Original Bacon Spread, Fennel & Black Pepper Bacon Spread. Read my Bacon Jam Review here  More information is available at or contact   
       To purchase your own jar of the Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce please visit their website They ship anywhere in the United States or Canada. Skillet products are also sold in specialty stores and markets. To see if they are sold near you, check their site under "Find a Store".

This is the perfect Father's Day BBQ Recipe:

Baby Back Ribs w/ Apple Cider Pumpkin Spread
Submitted by Chef Brian O'Connor of the Skillet Diner

Baby back ribs
2 tbsp. kosher salt
2 tbsp. paprika
4 tbsp. granulated garlic
1 tbsp. onion powder
1 tsp. chipotle pepper powder
2 tsp. dry mustard
2 tsp. black pepper

1 cup Skillet Apple Vinegar Brown Sugar Pumpkin Sauce
1 cup water

Remove membrane from ribs by sliding knife underneath and peeling back the membrane on the back. Season meaty side of ribs with dry mix and let them sit overnight if possible before using them.

Cook ribs over indirect heat (250°F-300°F) for 3-4 hours. Hickory, mesquite, apple or other fruit wood may soaked in water and tossed in small quantities over the hot coals periodically during the cooking in order to impart a smoky flavor. You will need to also add more charcoal to the fire as the cooking progresses in order to maintain temperature.

After 3 or 4 hours of slow barbequing, arrange the ribs on a shallow-sided disposable aluminum pan and mop them on both sides with the Pumpkin sauce mix below. Cook for another hour, mop again, turn. Baste the ribs and check the coals at least once every hour for the next 2-3 hours.

Baste on both sides well then wrap each rack of ribs well (straight from the grill) in heavy duty aluminum foil. Allow to rest in the foil for 30 minutes When ribs are done, they will be fall-off-the-bone tender, and the meat will have shrunken away from the ends of the bone by 1/4-inch or so.

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  1. I have to try this. I love anything pumpkin. I might have to pick it up right from Skillet next time I'm in the area.

  2. This sounds so good. I would like to try it. I bet my husband would like to try the rib recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This seems pretty interesting! I was searching for something to make this weekend for gathering with friends. My goal is to make some interesting food, and i think found it :)

  4. nice posting. thanks for sharing