Friday, August 24, 2012

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The Chalk City Activity Kit

Does this scenario ever play out in your house?        

Child: “Mom I’m bored!”  

Mom: “Well, go outside.”        

Child: “There is nothing to do outside.”     

Mom: “You can ride your bike.”      

Child: “But that’s boring too.”

This dialog can go on and on but if you had The Chalk City Activity Kit you could prevent this conversation from even happening. 

The Chalk City Activity Kit provides a variety of fun educational activities which allows your child to create and design roadways, obstacle courses, and more. It contains the Road Maker, Street Sign Stencils, Obstacle Course Sign Stencils, colored chalk, and an activity booklet.  
chalk city
The Chalk City Activity Kit is simple to assemble and can be put together by a child. Once they were shown, I was not needed for set up, disassemble, and storage of the kit. The Chalk City Activity Kit also comes in net pouches with draw string closures for easy storage and portability. This came in handy when we took the activity kit to local playgrounds.
chalk activity kit

The Chalk City Activity Kit is also very durable and withstood numerous play dates with neighborhood kids. Road Sign Stencils were even run over by a few bicycles and a SUV when it was left in the middle of the road, no cracks or sign of damage. 
chalk city activity kit

The Chalk City Activity Kit will provide hours of outdoor fun for your child and their friends too.  My driveway, sidewalk, and dead-end street have been created into raceways, highways, and unique maps that lead to hidden treasures by smiling children. Sometimes a “police officer” directs “traffic” when the roadways are very busy or gives “speeding tickets” if a skateboarder goes too fast. I recommend The Chalk City Activity Kit for children ages 3-13 and for a great family activity. Check these fun activities your child can create with The Chalk City Activity Kit.

Please note: Chalk visibility is best on black asphalt and on smooth surfaces. Using darker chalk colors improved visibility on my street’s surface (textured and light color).  Always supervise your child on their bike and have them wear a helmet. 

The Chalk City Activity Kit Includes:

  • 1 Road Maker that holds two pieces of sidewalk chalk and creates roadways or courses for kids to run or ride around on their favorite riding toy.
  • 3 Road Sign Stencils: Between the Road Maker chalk lines, kids can learn the rules of the road with the Stop Sign, Turn Left/Right, and Straight Ahead Stencils
  • 3 Obstacle Course Stencils: Between the Road Maker chalk lines, kids can enhance their outdoor physically active play time with the Jumping Jacks, Spin Left/Right, Hop Both Feet/Left Foot/Right Foot Stencils
  • 20 pieces of Sidewalk Chalk
  • 1 Activity Booklet Offers a variety of additional games and cities to enhance the Chalk City toy experience 

To find a local retailer that sells Chalk City products in your area, click here.  You can also purchase these items on

For more information about The Chalk City Activity Kit visit their WebsiteTwitter, Facebook, YouTube

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The Chalk City Activity Kit Giveaway

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  1. That's a super cute idea.....a kit already set up for outdoor creativity and fun.

  2. It's amazing just how much fun kids can have with chalk! It's even funnier when you give it to teenagers! I use to bring my class out and let them have fun as a way to relax during state testing.

  3. Oh wow, looks like they had a blast :) So fun!

  4. Looks like so much fun!

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  5. We do lots of riding on trikes etc and play on swings debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  6. My daughter is 13 & still loves to play with chalk in the driveway.

  7. My boys LOVE to play outside. Usually they dig on our backyard (which has no grass) and of course they always play with their trucks. When we go to the park they love to bring their chalk!

    sofia // sofiabyrd(at)

  8. our 4 year old grandson loves to ride his bike and play ball

  9. We usually bring out a sprinkler or just some chalk!

  10. My grandkids love the outdoors. Riding bikes and fishing are two big hits. Get kids involved with nature. Look at different leaves or animals.

  11. riding bikes and playing sports are some favorite activities of my family

    sylver_1982 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. They like to ride bikes, roller skate, help garden, just be active

  13. My kids are either on a swingset, on a bike, or doing chalk on the driveway!


  14. my kids activity is swimming
    richelle bowers

  15. Chalk, riding bikes, playing on the swingset

  16. Swinging at the park is the best. It's like flying except that the ground is still close enough.

  17. My son loves to ride his bike and climb trees!

  18. swimming or playing with hose and getting wet