Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Michael Phelps Shows Off Another Trophy, New Girlfriend Megan Rossee

Maybe you really can have it all...

       After winning his 22nd swimming Olympic metal this week, Michael Phelps showed off another trophy. "Mystery Blond" Megan Rossee accompanied Phelps to the Speedo event in London on Monday evening. Rossee, a 25-year-old model and cocktail waitress has been showing her support for her man via twitter throughout these Olympic games. The two have been allegedly dating for 5 months but may have kept their relationship tight-lipped because of the Olympics

       Rossee's personal website meganrossee.com crashed from the volume of visitors seeking to check out the "First Lady of American Swimming" as some now call her. Below are some of her modeling pictures, from that site, that I found on yahoo.

       Michael Phelps is seen as a superhero of the swimming pool, so it is quite fitting that he has a beauty on his side such as Megan Rossee. So congratulations Michael Phelps on all of your beautiful trophies! Best of luck to your future!  
Michael Phelps with Girlfriend
Megan Rossee and Michael Phelps attend the Speedo Athlete Celebration at Kensington Roof Gardens on August 6, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images for Speedo)
michael phelps girlfriend
Megan Rossee tweeted this Instagram imageof herself and Michael Phelps with the caption, "Yay Michael :)" (@meganrossee)
Megan Rossee
A modeling portfolio image of Rossee from meganrossee.com 
Megan Rossee bikini
A modeling portfolio image of Rossee from meganrossee.com 

Read the full story and see more pictures here:

Michael Phelps, ‘Mystery Blonde’ Megan Rossee make their debut as a couple (VIDEO) | Fourth-Place Medal - Yahoo! Sports

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  1. Yeah I guess you can have it all. He deserves it though.