Friday, March 2, 2012

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The Next Chapter...

Starting March with the next chapter. 
Want to join me?

 I cannot change things that have happened in the past. 
Too much energy got wasted on reviewing and second guessing 
choices, actions, and decisions.
 Accepting things the way they are now and moving forward towards new goals and dreams. 
I forgive myself and I forgive others.  
Life is beautiful!


  1. I am CONSTANTLY reliving the past.. what could have been different..what I should have done or said. yadayada. I'm also bad with the what if's

  2. LOVE Natasha Beddingfield :)

    following... could you pls follow back

  3. What a great reminder! Thank you for that. Seriously, I needed it today.

  4. Wow, that is so true. You can't start the next chapter .... We all want to "re-read" sometimes, often hashing and re-hashing the past, but it's always better to move.