Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Signs of Spring- Purple and Yellow Johnny-jump-up Flowers

Johnny-jump-ups found in my yard. Spring 2012

Every year I find more Johnny-jump-ups flowers in my lawn than in my garden. Their colors range from purple, purple/yellow mix (with varying percentage of each color), to yellow.  These little pansy flowers will takeover my front yard by summertime, even when mowed over.  Although I don't remember planting them, I love to see them where ever they pop up. 


Yellow Johnny-jump-up found in the snow. Winter 2010

Johnny-jump-ups (viola corunta) grow in North America in zones 3-9.  They prefer rich, moist, well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. In the wild, they are commonly seen in fields, woods, or by the side of the road. These cold-season annuals grow in 3-6 inch clumps reaching up to 6-12 inches tall.  Due to reseeding and spreading they also can be considered a perennial. 
You can grow Johnny-jump-ups from seeds directly outdoors in the spring or fall or seeded  indoors for transplanting later.  These flowers can be purchased from the lawn and garden center and nurseries.  
Johnny-jump-ups bloom from spring to fall. They are very easy to grown and are low maintenance. A great border or container plant that is mostly disease and pets free. The dainty 1 ½" flowers are edible, used in salads or sugared for decorations for deserts.

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  2. I just love these flowers. I wish they would pop up all over my lawn. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you visit again soon.

  3. I love finding the first flowers of spring. There's something so magical about it, how these little tiny plants survive and come back every year. It's amazing!


  4. The first sign of spring. The pics in this post are so pretty. by the way i did do the alexa review but it could of been me. i may of hit the preview button or messed up some other way , anyways i did another one just know and did hit submit and got this message...Thank you!
    Your review of is being processed. So i hope it takes, gave you 5 stars cause i really like your blog

  5. I love these flowers. I planted some a few years ago and they pop up all over my flower bed now. Beautiful flowers.


  6. Those are very pretty! I think I have seen them before in my mom's yard. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Those are pretty flowers and I love the colors! I especially like the picture in the middle with the purple and yellow. The one on the left has some yellow but the one in the middle has more and I love the contrast.